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Note: All medications and supplements should be provided in the original prescription containers and labeled with the pet's name and appropriate dosages. There is an additional fee per day to administer medications based on the frequency given.


Note: During a boarding stay eating habits may change due to stress. You can authorize the addition of PetSound's available additives to entice them to eat if they have stopped eating with no need to contact me unless other issues arise.


Walk & Exercise: Our guests are given 3 walks/exercise periods per day outside (dogs.)

Choose your play extras:

Bathing Requests: We have the ability to complete exit bath/nail trims prior to pick up. Or we can schedule a full grooming appointment to be completed while they are boarding with us.

Choose your grooming extras:

Grooming: If you would like a full grooming appointment to be completed while they board with us a GROOMING CONSENT FORM must be completed as well.

I understand if my pet has any accidents to where staff deems a full bath is needed prior to check out, one will be completed. Additional costs will occur.

You acknowledge that no matter the cleanliness of the facility viruses and bacteria will congregate with large groups of dogs. One of the advantages of boarding your pet (s) at our facility is that veterinary care is readily available should the need arise/As pet owner indicate your choice below.

Should your pet become ill, the staff at PetSound will make an effort to reach you or your authorized agent prior to initiating treatment. However, the attending veterinarian may initiate necessary care as deemed appropriate until such time as your authorized agents are contacted.

I understand the PetSound will make every attempt to contact me as soon as possible in the event of a medical emergency. If PetSound cannot contact me, I give permission to PetSound to make medical treatment decisions and approve charges up to                                  per pet (most common values are $200, $500, $100 or unlimited.) I give permission for PetSound to administer any care or medications necessary.

I acknowledge that if I leave any belongings, PetSound cannot guarantee that I will receive them back in the same condition in which they arrived.

You have read all and understand the authorization and consent.

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COVID-19 Protocols

We are open to take your calls and business at our normal business hours with overnight boarding, daycare group play and grooming services available. Please call in advance to book all appointments to ensure space is available.


-Our lobby will remain closed until further notice.  Please call 919-390-0390 when you arrive for curbside service. We still have retail items available as well, such as candles and treats, just notify staff when you would like to purchase an item. 

-We ask all clientele to wear masks for staff interactions. We will be equipped in Personal Protective Equipment so we ask you to do the same.

-All clientele MUST alert staff prior to appointments if you become ill, get tested for COVID, or are positive for COVID-19. Not doing so until time of drop off does not show respect towards our personnel's personal health and well being and grounds for appointment forfeited

-Make sure all items (collar/leash/harness) are removed from your dog, we will be using our slip leads, and cats are required to be in carriers.

-Be mindful we will do our best to be as fast and efficient as possible but be aware if there are other clientele waiting.

-For afternoon pick ups/drop off we are requesting everyone be here prior to 5:30p to accommodate our closing cleaning routine to help maintain all staff health.

-All payments will be made over the phone 919-390-0390, if you know you'd like to purchase anything just give us a call while your pup is playing and we will complete the transactions. This way we are not holding up everyone at drop-off or pick-up.

-All forms are located in the Resources & Forms tab and should be completed prior to any drop off.

-Boarding animals should not have any items other than food and/or medications. Food should be in an easily sanitized container and medications should be in their original prescription containers. 

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