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No Online Booking Available
Call 919-390-0390 to Book an Appointment

Our Drop-Off Hours:
Between 7:30a-9a

Staff Will Call to Coordinate Pick-Up Hours At Pet Completion

Grooming Consent Form
*Please note this form is only for scheduled grooming appointments. Give us a call to inquire about our grooming availability.* 

Please Check:

You are the owner/asset of the above described pet(s) and have authority to execute this consent. You consent to authorize the following procedure(s) and/or medical treatment(s).

You acknowledge that in order to be groomed at this facility your pet must remain up to date on the required vaccines:

             Canines require - rabies, canine distemper and bordetella

              Felines require - rabies and feline distemper


Are you, anyone else in your family, or anyone who may pick up your pet allergic to fragrances?

If fleas are observed on your pet(s) you understand that a flea treatment will be applied and charges will be added to your invoice. If the groomer feels that your request is not possible due to coat, skin condition, or temperament you can authorize the groomer to:

If the use of anesthetics is deemed necessary to proceed with the groom you can authorize the use of anesthetics as deemed advisable by our licensed veterinarian:

You further agree to be liable for any and all charges incurred during the performance of the foregoing procedure(s). You understand that the bill is due and payable upon discharge. You have been advised as to the nature of the procedure(s). You realize that all results can not be guaranteed. 

You have read all and understand the authorization and consent.

Upload Photo

Please note this form is for online fill out only, if you need to print the form please go to the Resources & Forms tab.

Thanks for submitting!

Please take the time to book your next appointment in advance! Current wait time for grooming appointments is roughly two months, but a waitlist is available.

How do i know

the form is sent?

When you click the submit button above and all of your responses disappear, the form has successfully been sent.

Common Problems Include:

  • Not filling out required spaces

    • Please read back through your form to see if you missed anything

    • Today's date will autofill, but you still need to click and select it for the form to submit

  • Pop up ad blocker on

  • Bad signal

  • Internet outages

Please print the document here if issues arise.

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