Grooming Consent Form

Please Check:

You are the owner/asset of the above described pet(s) and have authority to execute this consent. You consent to authorize the following procedure(s) and/or medical treatment(s).

You acknowledge that in order to be groomed at this facility your pet must remain up to date on the required vaccines:

             Canines require - rabies, canine distemper and bordetella

              Felines require - rabies and feline distemper

If fleas are observed on your pet(s) you understand that a flea treatment will be applied and charges will be added to your invoice. If the groomer feels that your request is not possible due to coat, skin condition, or temperament you can authorize the groomer to:


If the use of anesthetics is deemed necessary to proceed with the groom you can authorize the use of anesthetics as deemed advisable by our licensed veterinarian:


You further agree to be liable for any and all charges incurred during the performance of the foregoing procedure(s). You understand that the bill is due and payable upon discharge. You have been advised as to the nature of the procedure(s). You realize that all results can not be guaranteed. 

You have read all and understand the authorization and consent.

Your Signature

Please note this form is for online fill out only, if you need to print the form please go to the Resources & Forms tab.

COVID-19 Protocols

We are still open to take your calls and business at our amended business hours M-F 7:30a-12p with overnight boarding, daycare group play and grooming available. We will be transitioning to new amended business hours beginning 5/18. New amended business hours will be:
Monday: 7:30a-12p and 2p-6p
Tuesday: 7:30a-12p
Wednesday: 7:30a-12p
Thursday: 7:30a-12p and 2p-6p
Friday: 7:30a-12p


-Stay in your car at drop-off and pick-up, give us a call 919-390-0390 to indicate that you are here and staff will take care of bringing your pet in and out.

-Make sure all items (collar/leash/harness) are removed from your dog, we will be using our slip leads, and cats should be in carriers.

-Be mindful we will do our best to be as fast and efficient as possible but be aware if there are other clientele waiting.

-All payments will be made over the phone 919-390-0390, if you know you'd like to purchase anything just give us a call while your pup is playing and we will complete the transactions. This way we are not holding up everyone at drop-off or pick-up.

-All forms are located in the Resources & Forms tab and should be completed prior to any drop off.

-Boarding animals should not have any items other than food or medications. Food should be in an easily sanitized container and medications should be in their original prescription containers. 

-PetSound Animal Hospital is still operating at normal business hours for taking your calls and answering questions, their number is 919-851-4114.

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