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Grooming appointments are required to be booked in advance. However, Daycare staff are fully trained to be able to complete an exit bath/nails prior to pick up for boarding or daycare attendees but also needs to be booked in advance.
For anyone
interested in an anal gland expression during your pet's appointment it is an additional cost in which we coordinate with the veterinary staff next door for completion; so no need to make a separate appointment with the vet.  Anal gland expressions completed by anyone other than veterinary staff holds a risk of improper technique which can result in health issues afterwards for your pet. We always recommend anal gland expressions to be completed by trained and knowledgeable veterinary staff.

​All grooming prices start at the prices listed below. Grooming prices are subject to change based on the groomer's discretion calculating in your desired groom, coat condition, and temperament of your pet which may vary. Staff will be happy to quote a grooming price range upon request. All full groom appointments include a bath (bath details listed below) and haircut unless you note otherwise. on the Grooming Consent Form which is required to be completed at each appointment.

  • Canine XSmall Breed Grooms (less than 20 lbs) $60

  • Canine Small Breed Grooms (less than 40 lbs) $65

  • Canine Medium Breed Grooms (less than 60 lbs) $73

  • Canine Large Breed Grooms (less than 80 lbs) $88

  • Canine XLarge Breed Grooms (less than 100 lbs) $108

  • Canine XXLarge Breed Grooms (less than 120 lbs) $123

  • Canine XXXLarge Breed Grooms (greater than 120 lbs) $160

  • Feline Groom Long Hair $75

  • Feline Groom Short Hair $60

Bath only prices are based off your pet's weight range. All bath services include shampoo, conditioner, coat blow out (brush out depending on coat type), ear cleanse, and nail trim. These prices are subject to change based on your pet's coat type as well.

  • Canines less than 20 lbs $30

  • Canines between 20-40 lbs $45

  • Canines between 40-60 lbs $55

  • Canines between 60-80 lbs $75

  • Canines between 80-100 lbs $95

  • Canines between 100-120 lbs $115

  • Canines 120 lbs+  starts at $135 (increase $10 for every 10lbs) 

  • Felines $50

Grooming appointment policies

Grooming appointments are only booked on select days and availability may vary so ensure that you are pre-booking all grooming appointments.

Clients are required to fill out a new Grooming Consent Form for every grooming, or bath, appointment. 

All grooming clients are required to be on a scheduled grooming rotation. Grooming appointment rotations vary between 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks. Please consider the coat maintenance and overall care for your pet prior to selecting a grooming rotation. Staff can assist with recommendations for your pet's specific needs.

  • Appointments cancelled within  a 48 hour window prior to scheduled appointments requires a fee to be paid of 50% of grooming price.

  • Appointments cancelled day of appointment or “no show” are subject to groom price needing to be paid in full.

Neither of these fees are a prepayment to future grooms. Both policies must be paid prior to any future appointment being booked.

Vaccine Requirements for Grooming Appointments:

Canine:    Rabies

                 Canine Distemper


Feline:     Rabies

                Feline Distemper

Grooming appointments are essential for your pet's health and regular maintenance, especially nail trims.
Did you know that proper nail trim maintenance can improve your pet's mobility and reduce the impact of arthritis as they age? We recommend scheduling regular nail trim appointments every 2-3 weeks even for felines. We require all grooming
appointments to be scheduled on a rotation but are happy to schedule a nail trim appointment in between if you need depending on your rotation selected. Aging pets, especially felines, require a little extra help as they age with nail trims and regular bathing. 


Did you know that even your feline companion needs regular bath appointments? We recommend regular grooming appointments for felines to help maintain their coat especially for households that may struggle with allergies. Regular bath appointments will help with any shedding issues you may be experiencing with your pet whether canine or feline.

Has your pet been banned from other grooming facilities due to behavior?

One of the advantages of booking a grooming appointment with us is that we are an extension to PetSound Animal Hospital next door. Meaning we can coordinate a vaccine update/veterinary exam during your pet's grooming appointment without you having to call multiple places. We can also coordinate any exam needed if any issues are found with your pet during the grooming process; such as ear infections, skin infections or a suspicious mass discovered after a shave down. We can have veterinary staff administer any oral sedatives or anesthesia that may be needed for your pet to have a safe and anxiety free grooming experience.

We pride ourselves in quick communication with owners to ensure everyone is up to date about your pet's grooming appointment. So once your pet is completed we call to coordinate pick up.

Please visit our Policies tab for our policies on scheduling, no shows and cancellations.


Our Boarding Manager has taken over the grooming quite recently. Read more about her here


We try to spread our grooming appointments out during the week, but this can vary week to week and during the holidays.


Yes, appointments are required. We are unable to take walk-in grooming clients.


Not for grooming. If you'd like your dog to play in daycare while they wait for their groom to be completed then a temperament test is required prior. There is always a possibility that we can schedule the temperament test for the same day as the grooming appointment. We conduct temperament tests on all of our daycare dogs to make sure they are compatible with other dogs and most importantly, that they enjoy themselves! Our temperament tests are a half day and free of charge. Please call or email us to schedule a trial day for your dog. If you are a new client to our daycare and boarding, please be sure to download and complete the registration and release forms from our website or allow 15 minutes at drop off to fill out paperwork.


We have a grooming consent form that is required at every appointment. Yes, even if your requests do not change from appointment to appointment. The form allows you to relay the proper instructions and desire to our groomer. You can attach a picture to our online form or send a picture to our email so we can attach it to your grooming consent form. 


Your dog must be current on their rabies, canine distemper, and bordetella vaccine. 

Your cat must be current on their rabies and feline distemper vaccine,

Please scan or send a picture of any necessary records to us at


A grooming rotation is essentially auto appointments for your pets at a set increment. This allows us to schedule appropriately for regular clientele and not have multiple people added to a waitlist because they had to book almost two months out. We recommend rotations of 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks  based off your grooming desires and your pet's coat maintenance.




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