Our Client Policies


Temperament Test

A FREE temperament test is required for any canine newcomers, boarding and daycare alike. Our temperament test consists of a minimum of 3 hours. Introducing new dogs to the play room, staff, walking areas, and kenneling areas. We go at their pace and when we see they are comfortable we will start adding dogs to play with one at a time; if, they are attending the group play sessions. If they are just boarding they will be hanging out just with staff. We pride ourselves on this short and sweet session so that the next time they come back they will be more comfortable and able to relax. As opposed to being in a new place with new people for an extended overnight boarding stay.


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We have daycare packages available to save everyone some money in the long run. Our early morning drop off time begins early so you have times make it convenient for you to drop off you rpet before work or travel. Our community dog daycare room features toys of all shapes and sizes, beds and blankets, and access to water. We also provide constant affection, positive reinforcement, and supervision from our experienced staff in a safe indoor climate controlled environment. The dogs in daycare will be given a leashed 1-on-1 walk and kenneled for a rest period from 12pm-2pm where they are able to watch calming nature videos or sleep. At 2pm, they are put back into the daycare room to play until you pick them up any time before 6pm. If you prefer half-day daycare, you can choose to bring your dog for just the morning or afternoon session.

  • Full Day Group Play $30
    Hours 7:30a-6p
    Nap time 12p-2p

  • Half Day Group Play $18
    Morning Session Hours 7:30a-12p
    Afternoon Session Hours 2p-6p

cat resting


Our overnight boarding is charged on a per night basis. It doesn't matter what time you drop off or pick up; when boarding runs through the night is when the charge is incurred. All of our kennels are stainless steel sided. The canine run is our free standing kennel that has a grated floor bottom so that if your dog spills anything or has an accident they are not laying in it through the night. Our canine runs are ideal for our puppy boarders to help maintain potty training for home. The cat condos are an open space kennel with two story cubbies; ideal for cats to hide in and jump around. While boarding with us, all boarders receive clean kennels, bowls, daily bedding changes. All dogs receive a minimum of 3 one on one walks outside for potty breaks. For an additional fee, you can also opt for one on one playtime or group play sessions during your dog's stays with us. For cat boarders, we scoop litter boxes twice daily and provide them with one on one attention. In our canine boarding rooms there is TV with relaxing music and nature scenes playing for the boarders to enjoy. 

  • Small Kennel $23

  • Medium Kennel $25

  • Large Kennel $28

  • XL Kennel $30

  • Canine Run $35

  • Cat Condo $30

lit birthday candles in dog bone on lacy


Reserve the day for your best friend's birthday! Parties include a full day reserved for group play with all of your dog's best buds. We provide your dog's birthday party supplies! Streamers, music, party hats, ice cream, cookies, birthday cake and a take home birthday present from us! All edible dog goodies are made by Baker Dave's Dog Treats. We will jam out to some fun dog party tunes and take lots of pictures while your dog enjoys all the festivities. Let us deal with the mess and stress of a party!

Booking for birthday parties is $50 

This includes: Party supplies, party favor,  music, full day of play with all of your dog's friends supervised by our knowledgeable dog savvy staff, pictures and videos of the festivities, dog friendly birthday cake, ice cream, cookies and pupcakes.


Our Client Policies

Late Pick Up

& Early Drop off


Regular drop off/pick up times are before 5pm for boarding and before 5:30pm for daycare due to our lobby being closed. We are still open until 6pm, but please call if you are going to be late. We also offer early drop off by appointment only, so give us a call to schedule this.

The service fee is

$15 for every 15 minutes, per pet,

outside of standard business hours.

No Call/No Show Policy

After several no shows our policy is:

  • Daycare: Prior to any future daycare days to be scheduled, a $5 booking fee will be put into place.

  • Boarding: Prior to any future boarding, prepayment for the kennel will be required.

  • Grooming: Prior to any future grooming appointments, prepayment for 50% of the grooming price will be required.

These booking fees are non-refundable and will be kept if another no show occurs. If the appointments are kept the money paid will be put towards your charge for that daycare, boarding, or grooming appointment. 



Canine:    Rabies

                 Canine Distemper


                 Bordetella (every 6 months)


Feline:     Rabies

                Feline Distemper


Holiday Booking


We require prepayment for all boarding reservations that extend over major holidays. At the time of the reservation, full price for the kennel size is required. As we have limited kennel space and tend to book up fast over the holidays, this helps us to ensure we will have a set number of boarders for our staff to take care of. 

Holiday Boarding Cancellation


If a holiday boarding stay is cancelled 2 weeks prior to drop off, we are able to refund the prepayment in full. Later amendments or cancellations to a holiday reservation will result in a $38 fee, per pet, kept by PetSound and the rest remains as a credit to the account to use for future veterinary or boarding use.


  • Cancels day of on ANY boarding reservation also results in a $38 fee.


We are right next door to coordinate everything directly through PetSound Animal Hospital. So you don't have to worry while you are away from home.

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We have a independent contract groomer with over 20+ years experience and certified through National Dog Groomers Association of America. Susan utilizes our facility on Mondays and Thursdays. Call for scheduling/availability.

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COVID-19 Protocols

We are open to take your calls and business at our normal business hours with overnight boarding, daycare group play and grooming services available. Please call in advance to book all appointments to ensure space is available.


-Our lobby will remain closed until further notice.  Please call 919-390-0390 when you arrive for curbside service. We still have retail items available as well, such as candles and treats, just notify staff when you would like to purchase an item. 

-We ask all clientele to wear masks for staff interactions. We will be equipped in Personal Protective Equipment so we ask you to do the same.

-All clientele MUST alert staff prior to appointments if you become ill, get tested for COVID, or are positive for COVID-19. Not doing so until time of drop off does not show respect towards our personnel's personal health and well being and grounds for appointment forfeited

-Make sure all items (collar/leash/harness) are removed from your dog, we will be using our slip leads, and cats are required to be in carriers.

-Be mindful we will do our best to be as fast and efficient as possible but be aware if there are other clientele waiting.

-For afternoon pick ups/drop off we are requesting everyone be here prior to 5:30p to accommodate our closing cleaning routine to help maintain all staff health.

-All payments will be made over the phone 919-390-0390, if you know you'd like to purchase anything just give us a call while your pup is playing and we will complete the transactions. This way we are not holding up everyone at drop-off or pick-up.

-All forms are located in the Resources & Forms tab and should be completed prior to any drop off.

-Boarding animals should not have any items other than food and/or medications. Food should be in an easily sanitized container and medications should be in their original prescription containers. 

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