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Temperament Test

A FREE temperament test is required for any canine newcomers, boarding and daycare alike. Our temperament test consists of a minimum of 3 hours. Introducing new dogs to the play room, staff, walking areas, and kenneling areas. We go at their pace and when we see they are comfortable we will start adding dogs to play with one at a time; if, they are attending the group play sessions. If they are just boarding they will be hanging out just with staff. We pride ourselves on this short and sweet session so that the next time they come back they will be more comfortable and able to relax. As opposed to being in a new place with new people for an extended overnight boarding stay.


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Our Client Policies

Late Pick Up

& Early Drop off


Regular drop off/pick up times are before 5pm for boarding and before 5:30pm for daycare due to our lobby being closed. We are still open until 6pm, but please call if you are going to be late. We also offer early drop off by appointment only, so give us a call to schedule this.

The service fee is

$15 for every 15 minutes, per pet,

outside of standard business hours.

No Call/No Show Policy

After several no shows our policy is:

  • Daycare: Prior to any future daycare days to be scheduled, a $5 booking fee will be put into place.

  • Boarding: Prior to any future boarding, prepayment for the kennel will be required.

These booking fees are non-refundable and will be kept if another no show occurs. If the appointments are kept the money paid will be put towards your charge for that daycare, boarding, or grooming appointment. 



Canine:    Rabies

                 Canine Distemper


                 Bordetella (every 6 months)


Feline:     Rabies

                Feline Distemper


All elderly pets or those with preexisting medical conditions are required to have an up to date veterinary exam completed by a PetSound Animal Hospital veterinarian to ensure that everyone is aware of your pet's specific needs.

Holiday Booking


We require prepayment for all boarding reservations that extend over major holidays. At the time of the reservation, full price for the kennel size is required. As we have limited kennel space and tend to book up fast over the holidays, this helps us to ensure we will have a set number of boarders for our staff to take care of. 

Holiday Boarding Cancellation


If a holiday boarding stay is cancelled 2 weeks prior to drop off, we are able to refund the prepayment directly to your card only keeping our $42 fee per pet for holidays cancellations. Later amendments or cancellations to a holiday reservation will result in a $42 fee, per pet, kept by PetSound and the rest remains as a credit to the account to use for future veterinary, grooming or boarding use.


  • Cancels day of on ANY boarding reservation also results in a $42 fee.

  • This policy is in place as we are a small business and losing even a 3 night boarding stay is a significant loss to the company.

Grooming appointment policies

Grooming appointments are typically booked on Mondays and Thursdays. Some weeks may vary on scheduling and availability so ensure that you are pre-booking all grooming appointments.

All grooming clients are required to be on a scheduled grooming rotation. Grooming appointment rotations vary between 4, 6, 8, or 10 weeks. Please consider the coat maintenance and overall care for your pet prior to selecting a grooming rotation. Staff can assist with recommendations for your pet's specific needs.


No show policy for grooming appointments require a fee to be paid of 50% of grooming price to book future appointments.

Vaccine Requirements for Grooming Appointments:

Canine:    Rabies

                 Canine Distemper


Feline:     Rabies

                Feline Distemper


We are right next door to coordinate everything directly through PetSound Animal Hospital. So you don't have to worry while you are away from home.

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